YIJIN Tent Profile

YIJIN is dedicated to providing first-class products with an exceptional level of service.

For more than a century, YIJIN has focused on providing the best possible space solutions for events and business space applications. Our innovations have formed the foundation upon which today’s tent structures are built around the world.

we are the advanced company to use aluminum in the construction of modular structures. With this development, our tent systems not only became lighter but could also be installed faster.

Furthermore, it allowed us to easily customize our structures down to the centimeter, offering unrivaled flexibility.

Our principles of business are quality as the priority, forge ahead in the market, continuous innovation, and integrity. Starting from professional design and planning, to top tier construction team, and finally extensive after-sales customer service, we will help our client to realize their dream of excellence.

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Providing customers with the perfect space solution is always our aim

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