Containers Tent

Yijin Container Shelter Tens are affordable, durable, and versatile storage units that are designed to maximise space and protect goods, vehicles, and machines in inclement weather. 

The Yijin YJ2024 range of container tent shelters features a sturdy, hot-galvanised steel frame made of Q235B steel tubes and heavy-duty PVC fabric. Yijin container tent can be mounted on the shipping containers using the butterfly bolts and connectors that are provided.

These container shelters can be customized with front and rear panels and are suitable for use all year round. 

Yijin container tents with feature of can blocks 99.95 percent of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation, providing an abundance of natural light and reducing your energy costs.

Is rip resistant and secured to an industrial-strength, galvanized steel frame that will hold strong against inclement weather.
Due to their modular design, our fabric structures can be engineered to just about any size and can be moved with a crane or rails, if needed. Plus, we can include any number of accessories to meet your needs, such as an ventilation system, insulation, doors, flooring and much more.


  • Easy and low-cost installation and removal
  • Reuse of waste containers, beneficial for environmental protection
  • Economical compared to the cost involved in building a permanent structure
  • Readymade, pre-fabricated shelters
  • Weather safety
  • Extra, flexible space, easy maintenance
  • Convenient, portable, and easy to transport

*All of our products can be considered temporary structures due to the fact they can be disassembled completely and relocated. We do recommend obtaining the consent of your local council to avoid planning scrutiny.

To best suit, the natural landscape, the Yijin container shelters are available in white, light grey, dark grey, grass green, and military green.



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