Warehouse Tent

Chile Warehouse Tent

Recently, a customer urgently needed a large-scale warehouse in a short period of time. According to the customer’s needs, YIJIN tent company provided a reasonable and economical solution, which has been completed and put into use.

A better waterproof effect

After many exchanges and on-the-spot investigations, the customer’s own factory has an idle space that can be used reasonably. According to the on-site measurement and demand, the construction specification is 20*40*4, there is no column in the middle of the large-scale construction.

The structure is stable, rain-proof, mildew-proof, and flame-retardant which meets the storage conditions of processing raw materials Inside, the ground is increased by 25 cm and a waterproof wall is made. This design will have a better waterproof effect during use.

Anti-snow function

Taking into account the convenience and safety of entry, a 3-meter-high rolling shutter was installed in the industry tent. At the same time, because the site of use is in Chile, Yijin Company combined the local snow load in the design and calculated it through statics technology. Reinforced, focusing on anti-snow function, long-term outdoor use is no problem, overall beautiful and practical, customers are also very satisfied with this.

Interested in this warehouse tent solution?

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