Environmental protection industrial tent

Environmental protection warehouse tent

Today’s ecological environment is very severe. The country pays more and more attention to environmental protection and strengthens environmental rectification. As long as enterprises violate environmental protection, they will be punished accordingly. Therefore, environmental protection industrial tents have also begun to be widely used. 

All open-pit coal mines and waste and sewage treatment must be closed for renovation. At present, the use of span tents is also diversified, and it is also very suitable for processing workshop garbage, and it can have a dust-proof effect.

Modular construction, no foundation treatment required

From the perspective of the industrial environmental protection tent itself, it adopts the German modular structure and does not require foundation treatment. It is assembled in a unit of 3 meters or 5 meters. The length can be extended indefinitely, and the movable characteristics can be satisfied by dismantling and re-building. The entire tent is 1,500 square meters, with a side height of 4 meters. It can be moved as a whole. In the local on-site use environment, it meets the safety standard of wind resistance level 10.

Space can be recycled

To solve the overall movement of the tent, yijin tent engineer Marco started from multiple dimensions such as how to move, the range of movement, the space available to customers, the force of each point of the tent, the local weather, the use environment, wind resistance, and snow resistance, etc. Carry out program design.

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