Pagoda Tent

Vienna hotel outdoor cafe tent

YIJIN tent has cooperated with the Vienna hotel to create an outdoor cafe tent. This tent uses 15 meters span, 6.8 meters high aluminum alloy frame, and transparent glass wall, without any column, can let natural light and surrounding scenery map into the cafe. The coffee tent has the function of heat insulation and silence, it is very suitable for all kinds of friend’s parties.

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    Fast construction, Environmental friendly

    Clear glass wall tents have become more and more popular in outdoor cafes in recent years, which are characterized by fast construction time, convenient construction and demolition, free from weather, no need for land approval procedures, and more cost-saving.

    Multiple uses

    Mobile tent building gives people more choices and is no longer limited to a single fixed place. And the large tent that was built of YIJIN attracts eyeball more countless, Clear glass wall makes the design of concise atmosphere inside exhibition hall shows clearly. In addition to the coffee tent,YIJIN also provides a wide range of mobile buildings such as high peak tents, double-decker tents, curve tents, etc. YIJIN has a professional design team to provide professional outdoor tent solutions for you.

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