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Serbia carport structure

Membrane structure car parking carport is one of the main construction forms of modern large-span space structure parking lot. It has the characteristics of lightweight, good stress, and unique shape.

The tensile carport project is an industrial park in Serbia. The project covers an area of 257m2 and is mainly used for parking and sun shading trucks. Since the trucks are parked, they are taller and longer than ordinary cars, so this has higher requirements for the height and length of the stretched carport shed.

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    Higher resistance

    The membrane structure car parking of YIJIN adopts the waterproof and fireproof PVDF membrane cloth and Q235 H-type light steel pipe imported from Germany, and the advanced membrane stretching technology makes the roof membrane of the tensioned carport stable and wrinkle-free, thus greatly improving the balance and compression resistance of the carport. Therefore, higher resistance is ensured, and the vehicle parking is safe and reliable.

    Good heat insulation effect

    The membrane structure parking shade is a newly developed form of a construction structure. Since the membrane structure has been gradually used in large-span construction such as sports construction, shopping malls, exhibition bases, and transportation service facilities abroad. The membrane structure carport has outstanding environmental protection, light transmittance, and self-cleaning. 

    The membrane material uses PVDF coating or titanium dioxide coating, which has a good heat insulation effect and can reflect 70% of the solar heat. The membrane material itself absorbs 17% and transfers heat 13%, but the light transmittance is above 20%. Through 10 years of direct sunlight, its brightness can still be preserved at 70%.

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