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Medical hospital tent

When the epidemic breaks out, temporary disaster relief and shelters are very important. Yijin tent provides a series of epidemic tent solutions, which are sold to relieve epidemic and disaster areas all over the world. It can quickly establish large-scale disaster relief emergency tents after the epidemic and disaster, such as hospital medical tents.

hospital tent

3m to 30m, and the length can be extended infinitely

The epidemic medical tent designed by the Yijin tent has good performance and can provide a safe and practical environment in bad weather. The medical tent is designed with an aluminum alloy A-shaped frame. The width of the emergency hospital tent can be selected from 3m to 30m, and the length can be extended infinitely to meet different size requirements. The internal space of the medical tent is flexible and there is no bracket blocking. 

It can be equipped with various components to meet the needs, such as floor, lighting, tables and chairs, medical rescue equipment, etc. After the disaster relief work, the Yijin medical tent can be completely disassembled and replaced in other places.

hospital tent solution (6)

Prefabricated modular production, fast construction


The spread of the epidemic has led to a shortage of hospitals.
Expanding hospitals and solving medical problems have become the primary problem. The medical tent can produce prefabricated aluminum alloy pipes in the factory in advance and transport them to the site. They can quickly deploy solutions for medical tents, field hospitals, and checkpoint tents. The hospital tent can be completed and put into use as soon as 1-3 days, which improves the speed of medical rescue.

The quickly assembled rescue field hospital tent can be freely divided into separate rooms. It can also provide a collective isolated rest area to ensure the safety and rest of the medical staff.

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