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Clear Window Party Tent In Bear Valley Paradise

Peilefang, as one of the industries under the well-known education industrial fund group in China, is a brand new vacation concept from play fun, aiming to provide more families and enterprise consumers with an exquisite and luxurious vacation experience.
One of the features of the Bear Valley Paradise is the party banquet tent, and it is a 10m span clear window party tent custom-built by Yijin. 


The party tent is made of aluminum alloy frame and PVC cover material, with functions of wind resistance, ultraviolet radiation, and waterproof. At the same time, there is a large space inside the tent, and no supports are needed in the middle. Therefore, all layouts are completely free from space limitations and can meet the needs of multiple occasions.

party tent

A one-stop entertainment experience

The spacious interior space, combined with the matching stage and audio equipment provided by Yijin, provides people with a new one-stop entertainment experience spanning vision and hearing, which is very suitable for the party.

Strong activity atmosphere

Transparent window event marquee can prevent ultraviolet ray effectively, also can assure good pervious to light at the same time, with the luxury droplight and furniture additionally, can give a person extra sweet feeling.


YIJIN tent can provide you with a variety of span marquee tents, and focused on the design and manufacture of large-span tents for many years, Committed to providing more fun and scenes for your party.

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