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Clear A-Shape Wedding Tent

Countryside, sunrise, sea view or afterglow, any of them are impossible for indoor weddings. The construction of wedding banquet tents will not be impossible due to the limitation of the venue. The general grass, concrete, sand and other Zhengde tents Manufacturers will provide suitable installation and fixing methods to increase its stability and ensure the normal operation of wedding activities in the tent. 

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    Highlights the stunning aspects of your venue’s surroundings

    The clear top wedding tent is one of the most popular wedding tent designs today. Clear top wedding tents allow you to embrace any outdoor setting while also creating a dedicated space for the wedding reception and ceremony. A clear top tent showcases your environment and highlights the stunning aspects of your venue’s surroundings. For garden weddings, beach weddings, or other picturesque venues, a clear wedding tent is an obvious choice.

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    Can be matched and arranged as you like to create a romantic atmosphere

    The whole tent is made of transparent pvc cloth, which is wear-resistant, sun-proof, rain-snow, and tear-resistant. The transparent tent can also be matched with cloth curtains, lights and various arrangements to create a romantic atmosphere.

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