22.5x19x4.2m Warehouse Storage Tent

22.5x19x4.2m Warehouse Storage Tent

Due to the rapid development of the business, the client company needs a part of the storage area to ensure that the excess products will not be damaged by the rain.

As our client wants to use the warehouse for more than a decade, we use bigger profile of 256x120x5mm instead of 203x112x4mm to make the tent to be stronger.


warehouse tent

Modular construction, no foundation treatment required

Yijin tents use aluminum alloy tents as storage centers. The tents with a span of 22.5 meters are used as storage areas. The height is designed to be 4.2 meters, which is more conducive to entering various large machinery and vehicles. In order to improve the drainage capacity of storage, Yijin tents have designed a drainage system to ensure that rainwater is drained in an orderly manner.

After confirm the details, we make a detail blueprint to confirm every detail before production.


Short production and construction cycle

Industrial storage tents combine temporary and semi-permanent building structures. The advantage is that they can be assembled quickly, saving labor costs, material costs, and time costs. It is very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises that urgently need industrial and storage space in the short and medium term.

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