Steel structure Tent

Steel structure profiles and members are designed by experienced engineers in Yijin. They are manufactured in our facilities on the principle of optimal strength, easy installation, transportability, and better life expectancy.

Calculations of static equilibrium and material strength, cutting and bending of profiles, welding of pieces together, painting and coating of profiles are all done in our facilities. Every phase of the manufacturing process is tested and proven to ensure the product quality and reliability offered by Yijin. 

Our objective is to satisfy your project requirements in functionality and aesthetics terms and protect human safety in the structures when in heavy weather conditions.

Yijin steel structure tents can be designed and manufactured according to local loads provided by the customers.

All steel construction members go through a standard process of coating with anti-corrosive paint. We also apply a hot-dip galvanizing process on steel profiles for extended resistance to corrosion.


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