Cube Structure Tent

The Cube structure tent main frame also use high-reinforced aluminum alloy 6061-T6 with anodized surface, but roof cover is architectural membrane with double side PVDF coated,which the self-clear feature is better than PVC coating. It’s heat insulation,preservation and have the thermostatic feature. The life span is also much longer than PVC coated fabric.

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    The cube structure tent is limited in the span width in 30 meters, but the slope of roof no need to follow 18°, it can be close to flat roof pitch. The standard criteria for wind resistance is 100km/H, snow load is o.5kn/㎡.

    With the advantages of heat insulation, easy to assemble and disassemble,durable, the cube structure tent is widely used to cover all kinds of outdoor temporary or semi-temporary space, such as the auto showroom,tickets center,temporary business center, meeting room, rest room,etc. It’s also can be used as permanent building. 


    Models & Sizes (Span width from 10M to 30M)

    Span WidthEave HeightRidge HeightBay DistanceMain Profile
    10m5m5.58m5m203*112*4mm (4 – channel)
    15m5m5.89m5m256*120*5mm (4 – channel)
    20m5m6.2m5m256*120*5mm (4 – channel)
    25m5m6.5m5m256*120*5mm (4 – channel)
    30m5m6.8m5m300*125*6mm (4 – channel)

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