Membrane Structure

YIJIN Group tensile membrane structures shade are often utilized in

city parks, outdoor sport areas, and other public spaces.

Membrane Shade ♦ Car Parking Shed ♦ Shade Sails ♦ Awings

♦ Court Tension Structure

At YIJIN, we design, manufacture, install and service all manner of Fabric Shade Structure, Tensile Shade Sails, Awnings Parking Sed and other Unique Tension Membrane Structures.


Built in half the time and at around half the cost of a conventional building, our precision crafted tensile membrane structures give architects, city planners, and developers a great alternative to conventional construction. There are shapes, forms, and surfaces we can produce with lightweight fabric architecture that cannot be replicated with any other method of construction. Fabric structures are sustainable, low maintenance and provide abundant natural light.

YIJIN membrane structure project

Landscape Membrane Structures

Tensile Shade Canopies Structures

Car Parking Shade Cases

Membrane Shade Structures for Commercial Settings


♦ Parks and Playgrounds

♦ Schools and Daycares

♦ Basketball and Tennis Courts

♦ Pools and Sun Decks

♦ Water, Safari and Theme Parks

♦ Sports Fields and Bleachers

♦ Beach and Picnic Areas

♦ Marinas and Boat Docks

♦ Outdoor Amphitheaters


♦ Gym and stage

♦ Car Washes and Car Parking

♦ Entryways and Sidewalks

♦ Resorts and Hotels

♦ Condos and Restaurants

♦ Animal Shelters and Dog Parks

♦ Zoos, Farms and Ranches

♦ Military Bases and Gov’t Buildings

♦ Hospitals and Museums

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