As hospital and health facility staff work tirelessly to test and treat patients for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), many hospitals are turning to temporary tent structures to treat and test people, as well as store medical supplies. Yijin is one of the leading manufacturers of hospital tents in the industry

At YIJIN, we have several types of COVID-19 medical supply tents to store equipment, including ventilators, masks, and sanitizers. We’ve been manufacturing high-quality tents since 1998 and are one of China’s leading tent manufacturers.

Easy Installation

Whether hospitals or health facilities need tents to store medical supplies or to test and treat patients for COVID-19, YIJIN specializes in manufacturing high-quality tents and fabric structures. YIJIN manufactures tents that are easy to set up and extremely durable and resistant to the elements. YIJIN tent can assist you with obtaining your ideal tent for any of your hospital’s specific needs.


At YIJIN tent, we carry a wide selection of frame structures. The Yijin Frame Tent has a set of interchangeable components. The tops are made of mildew-resistant, flame-retardant, vinyl-laminated fabrics that are easy to clean; plus, installation is easy.

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Frame Tents


Frame tents don’t rely on staking for their structure. This makes them the optimal choice for setting up on surfaces like pavement, decks, or concrete. They can easily be installed in a hospital parking lot to keep medical supplies close by. Unlike tension and pole tents, frame tents don’t have center poles, allowing for an open interior without any obstructions. The lack of poles allows for additional room to store medical supplies.

Cleanspan Structures

Clearspan structures can also be used as medical hospital tents to test people for COVID-19. Clearspan structures provide greater weather protection than traditional tents and consist of strong structural components and comprehensive protections.

These clear span structures are highly customizable and can be made to order. Standard widths range from 10M to 30M, and you can choose the perfect length to suit your needs on-site.

With a clear span tent structure, you’re virtually unrestricted in how much floor space you can create. Our L-Type Series, for example, are designed to handle a large number of people and work well for long- and short-term applications.

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Hospital Tent Series


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Our Service

Project Construction Guidance

Our experienced project manager could offer professional construction guidance services and customer experience during the whole purchase process.

Realize Customized Demand

The membrane in different colors, ABS, and glass sidewall could be combined, with multi-stories and customized structures to achieve an appealing look.

Professional Gobal Technical Support

With the mature experience in mobile event spaces, our technical team will offer professional mechanical test reports, ensuring the whole structure could withstand the local weather.

Our cooperation will go-ahead

All the structures tents from YIJIN are durable in extreme weather conditions, with over 20 years of lifespan. We always pride ourselves as premium event tent suppliers.

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