Event Tent

Yijin prefabricated tent specially designed for sales offices

Recently, Yijin tent manufacturer received a customer from Wuhan and wanted to use a prefabricated event tent as a sales office. 

The real estate developer uses the prefabricated tent solution for the sales office to reduce the construction time of the sales office, and this prefabricated tent for the sales office does not require ground pretreatment and can be built with only 20 cm of concrete surface. The standard components were produced in advance by the factory, and the installation was lifted after the ground was assembled, which saved construction time and ensured quality and safety. The event office canopy tent was built in 2 days.

Interior space have good lighting and save electricity

The prefabricated event party tent in the sales office is made of glass on three sides and a hard sandwich panel on the other side. The transparency on three sides can not only make the interior space have good lighting and save electricity but also visually feel that the space is more spacious. It perfectly combines the appearance of a permanent building with the flexibility of a temporary unit modular building structure. 

Passed the German engineering certification, and the flame retardant grade is B1

It is particularly worth mentioning that although it is a prefabricated tent in the sales office, the rigidity of the door structure itself can resist a certain horizontal force. After practice, the sales office has a wind resistance of 0.5kpa, which can withstand more than ten grades of wind.

In addition, this mobile sales office tent has passed the German engineering certification, and the flame retardant grade is B1. The internal structure design of the prefabricated event marquee tent in the sales office has also been carefully calculated to ensure safety.

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