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Epidemic entrance security tent

In order to control the spread of the new crown epidemic, various regions are taking various measures to respond and prevent it. The Zhongshan Municipal Government needs to build an epidemic entrance security tent at the entrance of the expressway. The YIJIN tent took only a few days from design to construction, and efficiently cooperated with the epidemic prevention work.


Good sealing properties

The main frame of the temporary epidemic security inspection tent is a high-strength hollow aluminum alloy structure, and the adjustable base can adapt to almost all ground conditions; the side walls and roof are made of PVC tarpaulin, which has good performances such as non-stretching, windproof, rainproof and UV-proof. The thick profile and stable structure can cope with 8-10 strong winds, even if the storm is violent, it can also be calmly dealt with, keeping quiet and comfortable for factories and communities.


In addition, this temporary security tent has good sealing properties and can be used as an epidemic prevention observation room and an isolation room. In addition to PVC tarpaulin, there are various wall types such as hard wall and glass wall to choose from.

Can used as temporary isolation tents, quarantine tents,
hospital tent

In the past three years of the epidemic, Yijin temporary security tents have provided epidemic prevention tents at several transportation hubs, bus stations, hospitals and the gates of major communities, which are used as temporary isolation areas, quarantine tents, temperature measurement tents, etc. . Due to its good quality, fast response and good service, it has been well received by the masses in various regions.

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