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India Outdoor Wedding Tent

Our client is an event planner in India who wanted to expand his tent rental business options. Outdoor wedding tents are currently a popular type of tents, and holding outdoor weddings is also a wedding method that many young couples around the world tend to prefer.


The Clearspan wedding tent would be perfect for its flexible modular design. They can be configured in many different ways. Also, the length can be extended infinitely.

wedding tent case (1024X600_2)

The span of the wedding tent can be customized

The span of the wedding banquet marquee tent can be determined according to your needs, and can accommodate at least hundreds of people. The frame is all made of high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, which are very stable and safe, and can effectively ensure the safety of the wedding.

wedding tent case (800x600)

Includes a strong aluminum framework, waterproof PVC membrane, carpet, lining and curtain.

This is a group of 15*30m wedding tent, the whole inner space is 450 sqm, which could accommodate 300-450 people in round table seating. The tarpaulin is made of romantic and pure white pvc tarpaulin, giving people a feeling of purity and holiness. The tent is decorated with pink lining and chair covers, so that even if you hold a wedding outdoors, you can also experience the hotel-like feeling.

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